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19.02.2015 18:37, Deloris Bevins from Upstate NY, USA E-mail :
This is my first day searching Canadian records. What a great site! Thanks for all your hard work! I found an 1891 Census for my Great Grandparents Edward and Mary (Gordon or Jordon) Bilson living in Glengarry with 3 of their eventually, 10 children. Early 1900's they moved to Piercefield, NY. Edward was born in England, Mary in Quebec. Would love to hear from any family members. Will continue my search.

14.07.2012 22:24, Christopher Ellice E-mail :
Greetings to all in Glengarry from Glengarry, Scotland. We have a Heritage Center here with details of forced emigration from the Invergarry area. The staff are always willing to help and if holidaying in Scotland the center is well worth a visit.

19.06.2012 15:48, Cathern Harrison from DDO Quebec E-mail :
I am looking for anything I can find for my mother's great-grandmother's family Her name was Margaret (Peggy) McMillian born in Aug 1849 in Kenyon Glengarry. Her parents were Archie McMillian and Christie either Chisholm or Mcphee (depending on what record is found). Archie's father was Hugh on at least one record.
I 'd be interested to hear from anyone that can shed some light on the McMillians.
My 2 times great grandmother married and moved to Mille Roache eventually dying in Cornwall in 1934

06.06.2012 23:20, Mary Jo Davies from Vancouver, BC E-mail :
Looking for Robert & Nancy (Ann) Gordon RALSTON family: specifically their son John born about 1847, & her parents. This family lived in Notfield, Kenyon in 1864, when their only daughter Jane married Rev. John Simpson ROSS, then moved to Thurso, Que. John was a new baptist minister & had met Jane in Woodstock College.

29.03.2012 23:30, Sonia Hamilton E-mail :
I am researching WILLIAM JOHN GILMORE HAMILTON. Born abt 1831 in Alexandria Glengarry County Ontario. If anyone has this name in their tree, or has information on Wm J G Hamilton, Please let me know.

08.03.2011 17:47, Evelyn Goulet E-mail :
I realize now that in regards to families sought in Glengarry, I should have suggested using the Glengarry County Query site at: alities.northam.canada.ontario .glengarry/mb.ashx .

Many genealogists follow this page, and will assist if they can, and I also view regularly. The more info provided the better. Good luck with your search.

Other comments on the usefulness of the site, suggestions, and general info pertaining to Glengarry County can be posted here.

Evelyn Goulet,
Host, Glengarry County Genweb
Finlaggan Councillor, Castle Tioram
Clan Donald International

05.03.2011 20:41, jeanette Duncan from california E-mail :
I am researching the history of my grandmother, Mary A. Macdonnel born in Kansas of Scottish parents who were married in "Priceville" Quebec. The parents were John C. Macdonnel born in Dec. 17, 1830 and Dorothy MacIntire born March 11, 1830

18.02.2011 15:44, Judith Chidlow from Summerland, B.C. E-mail :
I am sorting out my Camerons, mostly of Lancaster. There are so many same-name issues to sort out, but I think this wonderful new site will definitely give me a boost. Thank you for all that wonderful content.

21.12.2010 20:12, Claudette Hall E-mail :
I have learned many things that will help me in searching my ancestors in Lancaster, Glengarry, Ontario, Canada. Donald Cameron came as a two year old with his father Donald Cameron in 1802. I believe his first wife died not long after arriving. I believe she was, Mary McLelland (not sure). If anyone has any information I would appreciate the help. My McLennans lived in Charlottenburgh, Glengarry. Frasers in Charlottenburgh also.

12.11.2010 14:45, Marcia Walker from Trinity, Florida, USA E-mail :
This is a great site. Thanks so much for all the information. I am looking for ancestors Alexander Grant, Richard N. Grant, , John A Grant, Norman C. Grant) beginning abt 1780. Thanks to your site I have found some names that match. I located them in Charlottenburg. If anyone has any information or can point me in the direction of BMD records for late 1700 and 1800's, please let me know. Thanks so much.

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Entries: 13
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